Können Christen überhaupt lustige Filme produzieren ? – CNN

Können Christen überhaupt lustige Filme produzieren ? – CNN

Can Christians make funny movies? – CNN Belief Blog – CNN.com Blogs.

(CNN) – A new movie genre debuts at the box office this weekend: the Christian comedy.

„Moms’ Night Out“starring Patricia Heaton and Sean Astin is opening on more than 1,000 screens, and it aims to do something no other Christian major motion picture has endeavored to do: make you laugh. On purpose.

There has been no shortage of laughably bad Christian movies. „Left Behind,“ anyone?

From “The Passion of the Christ,” to “Fireproof,” to “Courageous,” the genre has historically leaned heavily on biblical epics and inspiration to stir the faithful, or evangelical fare designed convert the masses.

But „Moms’ Night Out“ is entirely different, a PG-rated comedy about the hijinks of middle-class Christian families, ordinary folks living ordinary lives. One of its stars, Sean Astin, called the movie „ballsy“ for focusing on this demographic.

„Middle-class Christian families in America have every right to have their lives reflected on film,“ Astin said. „A lot of people will look at this movie and wouldn’t see it as evangelical polemic.“        …………

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