„Most of the world’s problems are non-religious in nature“ – Comment

„Most of the world’s problems are non-religious in nature“ – Comment

Comment by mail: of irrationalitydestroyer, 24/11/2013

You have to be joking. Most of the world’s problems are non-religious in nature, and re-Christianization of Europe is so impossible that anyon claiming that is happening is being extremely absurd. How can there be re-Christianization when in France you can’t even wear a rosary, in the Netherlands churches are closing, in Belgium the states supports „Organized Secularism“ and in Spain everything the Church opposes in regards to personal morality, from drugs to same-sex adoption, is legalized? Seriously, you’re being incredibly absurd.

As for Israel, that state is a secular, godless one, which was even founded on atheist and secular principles as shown by Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion. Israel is so un-Jewish (religiously speaking) that Tel-Aviv is considered one of the LGBT capitals of the world, and a good percentage of the Jews there do not believe in God or do not follow Judaism. The ethnic cleaning that occurs there is of a non-religious, and I would even argue of a secularist, kind.

As for Islamic fundamentalism, the main reason we have Al-Qaeda is because of forced secularization.

By the way, why is it only a problem when pastors and bishops are rich but not other people? I agree that is wrong, but it is wrong because not helping the poor is wrong, not because it is forbidden for clerics to be rich. Not only that, but bishops and pastors are rarely wealthy, and their wealth doesn’t compare to that of other rich persons like celebrities.

And clerical abuse? That it is a problem is undeniable, but that it is mainly a clerical problem is garbage. I’m pretty sure more children and teenagers get abused in schools and by their own families than by clerics.

I don’t deny that denouncing religions for the bad things they do is a good thing, but to then say or at least imply that this is the worst problem in the world right now is absurd and ridiculous. I can argue that forced secularization is a greater evil than any religion right now, what with invading Islamic countries, denying Muslims their rights in Western countries or supporting the secular state of Israel in its ethnic cleansing and genocide of Arabs and other non-Jews. Then you have China, where religion is tightly controlled (the Catholic Church can’t even appoint its own bishops there), oppressed and even occasionally persecuted. The same with North Korea.People also are letting themselves be dominated by technology, and I would argue that Apple and Microsoft rule the world more than Roman Catholicism and Sunni Islam do.

So please, before you start saying that Europe is re-Christianizing again (something that is not necessarily bad anyway, though I really believe that is not happening) or that we are under the threat of imminent Islamization, think about it well.

„Most of the world’s problems are non-religious in nature“ – Comment